FIFA 21 Coin Generator for free Points and Coins

You would also love to get free FIFA 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team just to get better, faster, and stronger players? You should definitely use the FIFA 21 hack then! This online generator helps you to get an unlimited number of items without any effort. If you are an ambitious gamer and you want to win more matches, you should definitely consider using the FIFA 21 coins hack right away!


Run the FIFA 21 coin generator online

It works for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC

Your choice!

Do you still want to spend money on FIFA Points? Every year it is the same. The coins and points you spent on FUT 20 are gone already. Now you have to start from scratch again. It would be much easier for you if you would run the FIFA 21 hack. With this hack, you can generate free FIFA 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team without spending any money. In the end, it is entirely up to you. We can only recommend you to use cheats and hacks for Ultimate Team. It will make the game much more fun and you will have to spend less money.

fifa 21 coins hack

More fun with free FIFA 21 coins

Imagine you could spend infinite coins and points on packs and players. What would you do? Open as many packs as you could? Head over to the transfer market and buy any player you want? It is up to you! The FIFA 21 coin generator gives you the golden opportunity to get any number of items you want. In the end, it is your choice whether if you get free FUT 21 coins and points and how many of them you get.

The FIFA Ultimate Team hack exists for so many years already. Until now there are a hundred thousand users worldwide and the FIFA coin generator keeps getting more popular. If you haven’t heard of the FUT 21 hack yet it is the best time to start using it now!

Now it is time for the latest version and the FIFA 21 coin generator!

fifa 21 hack

Players are the most important

If you think you can win any match just by your skills you are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have great skills in order to compete. But what really makes the difference are the players. A TOTS, TOTY, or Prime FUT Icon will have a huge impact on the matches. It makes a difference if you have Cruyff, Pele, and Maradona upfront or Lewandowski, Aguero, or Lukaku. You will score way more goals!

The same goes for the defense. Ferdinand, for example, will make it much easier for you to defend. The goal of Ultimate Team is to form the best possible team and to compete against others. You won’t this goal by having average players in your team. Especially in very competitive modes like the FUT Champions Cup. You can imagine users of the FIFA 21 coin generator have an incredible advantage.

Let us break down FUT 21: The more money you spend, the more success you will have. Unfortunately, this is true. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the Top 100 and their teams. Their teams are phenomenal. This is called “Pay To Win”. The FIFA 21 coins hack will make the whole mode more equal!

fifa 21 coin generator
Use the FIFA 21 coin generator to get free FIFA 21 coins and points!

What is Pay To Win?

“In some games, players who are willing to pay for special items, downloadable content, or to skip cooldown timers may be able to gain an advantage over those playing for free who might otherwise never be able to access said items. In general, a game is considered pay-to-win when a player can gain any gameplay advantage over his or her non-paying peers, which is shown in games such as FIFA. Such games are called “pay-to-win” by critics.”

Source: Wikipedia


  • Get free FIFA 21 points and coins
  • Use the FIFA 21 coin generator on every platform
  • Use it on your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • It works for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin and Nintendo
  • No download needed
  • It always gets updated
  • You won’t get banned
  • Many other cheats
  • Proxies are already integrated
  • You are 100% anonymous
  • The FIFA 21 coin generator is available in many languages such as italian or russian
  • No one asks for your password or other sensitive information

Advantages of the FIFA 21 coins hack

  • The FIFA 21 hack saves you a lot of time and money
  • You can open as many packs as you want
  • You can buy any player you want on the transfer market
  • You increase your chance to win matches
  • You will be able to compete with top players on FUT
  • You don’t feel angry anymore when you don’t get awesome players from FUT packs
  • The game becomes much more relax and fun

fifa 21 hack no human verification

Don’t risk a ban

Most gamers are afraid of getting banned on FUT. We can definitely understand this fear, but you should know the FIFA 21 hack won’t get you banned, since you are fully anonymous. No one will figure out if you run the FIFA 21 coin generator or not. Even mods and admins won’t recognize it. Why? Because the player base is way too huge. There are millions of people playing Ultimate Team on various systems. They are not going to figure out whether you or someone else used a FIFA 21 coins hack.

The real problem are people who are going to report you. In other words: You have to stay under the radar. Don’t let others know you used the FIFA 21 coin generator, because there are many people who are jealous and they will sooner or later report you to EA. By this we are not talking about strangers on Twitch or YouTube, but also about your friends.

You have to imagine: There are people spending hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars only for FIFA Points. Now you come along and tell them you generated millions of free FIFA coins and points and you got Gullit, Ronaldo, Maradona, and other awesome players for free. Do you think they would be happy for you? No way. They will hate you for doing this. They will report you to EA.

If someone asks why you got so many coins and points you shouldn’t tell them you used the FIFA 21 hack. You should tell them you were spending all your money. They might even end up pitying you!

fifa 21 ultimate team hack

Use FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Cheats

On we are not only offering the FIFA 21 coin generator no human verification, but also several other cheats, guides, and tutorials for the game. In this way, we make sure to provide you with the best possible content in order to make you become a better player. It is not enough to have a huge number of items, but you also need to know how to form a great team. A team, which will bring you at least 25 wins on the FUT Champions Cup!

What are you waiting for? Use the FIFA 21 coin generator no survey now!

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How to use the FIFA 21 coins hack successfully

The FIFA coin generator has been around since many years, but it seems like there is only a little information about it public. How comes? As far as we know YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and many other social media websites keep deleting posts, videos, and pictures of the FIFA Ultimate Team hack. This makes it almost impossible to get any information about the FUT hack out there.

Most people don’t know the FIFA 21 coin generator even exists

Imagine there is a golden opportunity to get free FIFA 21 coins or points and no one knows about it. It is quite ridiculous, isn’t it? Only about 1% of the players know about this secret even it exists for so many years.  However, if you came to this website you already know more than 99% of the FUT players. Congratulations!

fifa 21 coins hack

How does it work?

First of all, you have to run the FIFA 21 coin generator. Do this running the generator on here. You can also use it in other languages. At the moment there is Russian, Italian and also Portuguese available, but we are always looking forward to adding more languages. The next step is to enter your username and choose what system you are playing. This might be Xbox, PSN or PC. Press on “Connect” and the hack will connect to the EA database. Now you can choose how many free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coins and points you want to receive. Simply choose the amount and press on generate. Follow the instructions and a few minutes later you will receive all the coins!

fifa 21 ultimate team hack

No one is going to get access on your account

So many rumors keep saying once you used the FIFA 21 hack someone else will gain access over your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account. This is bollocks. You can ask yourself how it should be possible for anyone to get access over the EA Sports account without having the password or the security question. It is simply not possible. Some other guys say you will get a virus when you use the FIFA 21 hack. It is not possible as well, because you don’t need to download any files.

There are so so many bad rumors about the FIFA 21 coin generator, where you have to ask yourself: Who is spreading this kinda wrong information?  We know it already, but we are not going to cover it in this article. We will publish an extra article later on and explain who and why there is a group of people, who don’t want anyone else to use the FIFA 21 coins hack. This is huge!

At the moment hack is available for all platforms. Whether you are playing on an Xbox One, PlayStation or the PC. Simply run the FIFA 21 coins hack and you will receive the free coins and points within minutes!

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FIFA 21 Autobuyer: Is it worth it?

There are several ways to get coins on FUT 21, but which ones are actually effective, and which ones are just a waste of time? Let’s break it down.

What is a FIFA Ultimate Team Autobuyer?

Basically it is a software, which automatically buys players on the FUT transfer market when they are being listed for a specific low price. Later on, the players get resold for a higher price. In this way, users of the auto buyer are making millions of coins.

fifa 21 autobuyer

How did autobuyers change the game?

You could already see it very clearly on FUT 20. You found great players for a great price, but within one second he has been sold and you couldn’t get him. It is not because you were too slow. It is because a FUT auto buyer was probably getting the player in the second he has been listed on the transfer market. Since there are autobuyer for FIFA UT it is almost impossible for normal gamers to make great deals. Remember the time in FIFA 13 were some guys sold players for 30k coins while they are worth 200k? You could find these kinda deals all over the transfer market if you knew where and how to look. Now it is not possible anymore, because of the autobuyer. They are closing all the deals before you even see them on the market. It is terrific!

fut 21 auto buyer

Is it actually worth it?

Only if you know what you are doing. Also, you should be well aware of the risks. It can happen that someday you will receive a ban. Suddenly. Without any warnings. You have to be very careful with the settings. We recommend you to check out tutorials and forums in order to stay safe.

fifa 21 auto buyer

Don’t buy coins

There are several websites offering you to buy FIFA coins, but is it really safe? We have heard from many gamers it is getting extremely hard. The golden times of buying FIFA coins are long gone. Until FIFA 15 it was pretty easy and common, but since EA decided to implement the price range things went downhill pretty fast. EA has full control over the transfer market. Besides this, most accounts that are selling the coins are already flagged. How? These accounts have 0 games, yet they are millions of coins. It is a huge red flag to EA. Later on, they are selling the coins to other accounts or they are selling the whole account. You can be pretty sure EA knows what is happening. We don’t recommend you to buy FIFA 21 coins or accounts since it is very likely to get banned.

Most of the accounts are being “grown” in China, India, or Russia. If a guy from the US, UK, or any other country suddenly starts to log into the account they are definitely going to see it.

FIFA 21 coin generator

The FIFA 21 coins hack is probably the most infamous way to earn free FIFA 21 coins. Only very few people know about it. But the same as the autobuyer it is a tool, which can bring you an enormous amount of coins without putting any effort into the game. The huge advantage of the hack is nobody is going to notice it. They are using proxies and other encryption methods, which help you to stay under the radar. No one is going to find out whether you used the FIFA 21 hack or not. This makes it probably the best method for free points and coins. At the moment it is available on for in a few different languages. Check them out! We also explain how it works and what you need to do.

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History of the FIFA Coin Generator

It is the first time you came across the FIFA 20 coin generator and you doubt if it is really working? Well, such a tool is not really new. It exists since a long time already. Just every year it gets updated for the new version.

The first FIFA UT hack

It has been a pretty long time since the FIFA Ultimate Team hack has been released the first time. I remember being in school and reading something about it. It was around 2010. My guess is some guys could already anticipate what FUT might become in the future and they took action by developing the FIFA coin generator. Since then people took this tool, updated it, and added even more features. At the very beginning of the hack, it would only work for the PS3. Some guys then added the Xbox 360 to the hack. Another group of guys made it also available for PC. There is not just “one” developer behind the FUT hack. It is a whole movement!

That is a very old FIFA coin generator.

But why is not everyone using it?

You might ask yourself: “Well, if the FIFA coins hack is really working, then why is not everyone using it?!” The reason is simple. The most gamer doesn’t even know the FIFA coin generator exists. They have no clue what is going on. In their opinion, the only way to get better players is by purchasing points. There are so many pictures and videos on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, which clearly show how easy it is to get free coins and points. We really can’t explain why the people are not using the hack. It brings them an enormous advantage over other gamers. Just imagine what you could do with unlimited coins and points for Ultimate Team.


Cheats and hacks for online games

FIFA Ultimate Team isn’t by far the only game you can use hacks and cheats on. It became a very common practice. Just imagine this: Even on PS1 games, you could use cheats to get an advantage. Even on the Nintendo Gameboy, you could use hex code and other cheat codes to make certain actions happen. For example, on Pokemon, you could unlock legendary Pokemons just by using cheat codes. It is obviously possible to hack online games, but why did the perception change so much? Here is the reason: Companies like EA and Supercell became so powerful and rich they can easily spread rumors and lies through social media and also through media.

Everyone who used the FIFA 21 hack will recognize how perfectly it works. There is no doubt about it. In the end, it is your choice. Do you want to keep spending money on the game? Or do you want to generate free FIFA 21 coins and points for Ultimate Team?

Cheats on Pokemon Emerald really worked as well
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Free FIFA Coins and Points for Ultimate Team

If you are new to FIFA Ultimate Team you will probably wonder, if it is possible to get free FIFA coins and points. You might already hear of the FIFA coin generator, which is quite popular on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The only question is: Are these cheats and hacks really working? Or is it just a scam?


Finding a legit FIFA coins hack

To find a FIFA coin generator which really works is probably the hardest part. Some hacks are only working for the PlayStation, others only for the PC. Some other tools are not updated anymore and simply don’t work. You have to keep in mind EA is updating their game and releasing patches so often. It changes structures in the database of the game therefore someone needs to maintain the FIFA hack tool. There are simply so many options when it comes to the FUT hack. You will be overwhelmed with websites, videos, and other tools.

Beware of scams

What you should never do is give anyone your personal information. Don’t enter your password or security question in any tool. Some people are faking the FIFA coins hack and their only goal is to get access to their club in order to steal their players and coins. It is a big problem, but this problem became less in the last few years. Before there was lots of phishing going on. People would fake the whole EASports website just to get passwords and usernames. Incredible stuff.

However, the FIFA coin generator online is not asking you for any kind of sensitive information. Basically, there is no way for them to get access to your account. On we are offering a legit and fully working hack for FUT. Check it out now and get free FUT coins and points.

fifa 21 coins generator


Why everyone should use a FIFA Ultimate Team hack

To have a lot of points and coins is crucial in Ultimate Team. You need them to get better players and open packs. Getting them is kinda hard and needs lots of patience and time. The best option you have is to get free FIFA Ultimate Team coins by using our cheats and hacks for the game. It saves you an enormous amount of time and lets you get any player you want. You should really check it out and we can promise you won’t regret it.

fifa 21 hack

No download needed anymore

Until FIFA 16 the only way to use the FIFA hack was to download it on your Windows PC and run the .exe file. This was quite of a hassle because the software wouldn’t work on every computer. For whatever reasons (might be the firewall or missing drivers) the FIFA coin generator would just stop running and close. The developers were aware of this problem and started to develop an online generator. The enormous advantage of the online FIFA UT hack is you don’t need to download it. You can execute it directly on our website without any risks. It will definitely work by 100%.

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