How to use the FIFA 21 coins hack successfully

The FIFA coin generator has been around since many years, but it seems like there is only a little information about it public. How comes? As far as we know YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and many other social media websites keep deleting posts, videos, and pictures of the FIFA Ultimate Team hack. This makes it almost impossible to get any information about the FUT hack out there.

Most people don’t know the FIFA 21 coin generator even exists

Imagine there is a golden opportunity to get free FIFA 21 coins or points and no one knows about it. It is quite ridiculous, isn’t it? Only about 1% of the players know about this secret even it exists for so many years.  However, if you came to this website you already know more than 99% of the FUT players. Congratulations!

fifa 21 coins hack

How does it work?

First of all, you have to run the FIFA 21 coin generator. Do this running the generator on here. You can also use it in other languages. At the moment there is Russian, Italian and also Portuguese available, but we are always looking forward to adding more languages. The next step is to enter your username and choose what system you are playing. This might be Xbox, PSN or PC. Press on “Connect” and the hack will connect to the EA database. Now you can choose how many free FIFA 21 Ultimate Team coins and points you want to receive. Simply choose the amount and press on generate. Follow the instructions and a few minutes later you will receive all the coins!

fifa 21 ultimate team hack

No one is going to get access on your account

So many rumors keep saying once you used the FIFA 21 hack someone else will gain access over your PSN, Xbox Live or Origin account. This is bollocks. You can ask yourself how it should be possible for anyone to get access over the EA Sports account without having the password or the security question. It is simply not possible. Some other guys say you will get a virus when you use the FIFA 21 hack. It is not possible as well, because you don’t need to download any files.

There are so so many bad rumors about the FIFA 21 coin generator, where you have to ask yourself: Who is spreading this kinda wrong information?  We know it already, but we are not going to cover it in this article. We will publish an extra article later on and explain who and why there is a group of people, who don’t want anyone else to use the FIFA 21 coins hack. This is huge!

At the moment hack is available for all platforms. Whether you are playing on an Xbox One, PlayStation or the PC. Simply run the FIFA 21 coins hack and you will receive the free coins and points within minutes!

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