Free FIFA Coins and Points for Ultimate Team

If you are new to FIFA Ultimate Team you will probably wonder, if it is possible to get free FIFA coins and points. You might already hear of the FIFA coin generator, which is quite popular on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The only question is: Are these cheats and hacks really working? Or is it just a scam?


Finding a legit FIFA coins hack

To find a FIFA coin generator which really works is probably the hardest part. Some hacks are only working for the PlayStation, others only for the PC. Some other tools are not updated anymore and simply don’t work. You have to keep in mind EA is updating their game and releasing patches so often. It changes structures in the database of the game therefore someone needs to maintain the FIFA hack tool. There are simply so many options when it comes to the FUT hack. You will be overwhelmed with websites, videos, and other tools.

Beware of scams

What you should never do is give anyone your personal information. Don’t enter your password or security question in any tool. Some people are faking the FIFA coins hack and their only goal is to get access to their club in order to steal their players and coins. It is a big problem, but this problem became less in the last few years. Before there was lots of phishing going on. People would fake the whole EASports website just to get passwords and usernames. Incredible stuff.

However, the FIFA coin generator online is not asking you for any kind of sensitive information. Basically, there is no way for them to get access to your account. On we are offering a legit and fully working hack for FUT. Check it out now and get free FUT coins and points.

fifa 21 coins generator


Why everyone should use a FIFA Ultimate Team hack

To have a lot of points and coins is crucial in Ultimate Team. You need them to get better players and open packs. Getting them is kinda hard and needs lots of patience and time. The best option you have is to get free FIFA Ultimate Team coins by using our cheats and hacks for the game. It saves you an enormous amount of time and lets you get any player you want. You should really check it out and we can promise you won’t regret it.

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No download needed anymore

Until FIFA 16 the only way to use the FIFA hack was to download it on your Windows PC and run the .exe file. This was quite of a hassle because the software wouldn’t work on every computer. For whatever reasons (might be the firewall or missing drivers) the FIFA coin generator would just stop running and close. The developers were aware of this problem and started to develop an online generator. The enormous advantage of the online FIFA UT hack is you don’t need to download it. You can execute it directly on our website without any risks. It will definitely work by 100%.

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