FIFA 21 Autobuyer: Is it worth it?

There are several ways to get coins on FUT 21, but which ones are actually effective, and which ones are just a waste of time? Let’s break it down.

What is a FIFA Ultimate Team Autobuyer?

Basically it is a software, which automatically buys players on the FUT transfer market when they are being listed for a specific low price. Later on, the players get resold for a higher price. In this way, users of the auto buyer are making millions of coins.

fifa 21 autobuyer

How did autobuyers change the game?

You could already see it very clearly on FUT 20. You found great players for a great price, but within one second he has been sold and you couldn’t get him. It is not because you were too slow. It is because a FUT auto buyer was probably getting the player in the second he has been listed on the transfer market. Since there are autobuyer for FIFA UT it is almost impossible for normal gamers to make great deals. Remember the time in FIFA 13 were some guys sold players for 30k coins while they are worth 200k? You could find these kinda deals all over the transfer market if you knew where and how to look. Now it is not possible anymore, because of the autobuyer. They are closing all the deals before you even see them on the market. It is terrific!

fut 21 auto buyer

Is it actually worth it?

Only if you know what you are doing. Also, you should be well aware of the risks. It can happen that someday you will receive a ban. Suddenly. Without any warnings. You have to be very careful with the settings. We recommend you to check out tutorials and forums in order to stay safe.

fifa 21 auto buyer

Don’t buy coins

There are several websites offering you to buy FIFA coins, but is it really safe? We have heard from many gamers it is getting extremely hard. The golden times of buying FIFA coins are long gone. Until FIFA 15 it was pretty easy and common, but since EA decided to implement the price range things went downhill pretty fast. EA has full control over the transfer market. Besides this, most accounts that are selling the coins are already flagged. How? These accounts have 0 games, yet they are millions of coins. It is a huge red flag to EA. Later on, they are selling the coins to other accounts or they are selling the whole account. You can be pretty sure EA knows what is happening. We don’t recommend you to buy FIFA 21 coins or accounts since it is very likely to get banned.

Most of the accounts are being “grown” in China, India, or Russia. If a guy from the US, UK, or any other country suddenly starts to log into the account they are definitely going to see it.

FIFA 21 coin generator

The FIFA 21 coins hack is probably the most infamous way to earn free FIFA 21 coins. Only very few people know about it. But the same as the autobuyer it is a tool, which can bring you an enormous amount of coins without putting any effort into the game. The huge advantage of the hack is nobody is going to notice it. They are using proxies and other encryption methods, which help you to stay under the radar. No one is going to find out whether you used the FIFA 21 hack or not. This makes it probably the best method for free points and coins. At the moment it is available on for in a few different languages. Check them out! We also explain how it works and what you need to do.

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